We work with clients from the initial stages of program planning and development.

We work with grant-seekers, program designers, funders, and stakeholders to clarify the desired effects (outcomes) of programming and to ensure that a proposed program is optimally designed so that it achieves its intended goals. We build a logic model/theory of change that visually illustrates how the program will produce its desired effects. We often work with grant-seekers from the early stages of proposal development to ensure that the proposed program contains effective evaluation strategies that are systematically integrated into the program’s operation. This involvement ensures that the program collects robust data that can be used for continuous improvement, and that measure the results of the program’s operation.

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Strategic Evaluation: Clarifying Objectives and Goals

Using a collaborative process, Brad Rose Consulting works with clients throughout one or many of the stages of program development. We are committed to ensuring the design and execution of maximally effective evaluation strategies. Our approach to evaluation includes working with clients from the early stages of program conceptualization to help define the program’s concrete objectives and to describe its overarching goals. We join with clients in describing in concrete terms precisely what the program seeks to achieve, the benefits it hopes to produce. By clarifying a program’s desired outcomes we not only articulate the benefits that the program wants to produce, but we also identify cost-effective indicators and measures of the program’s effects.

Successfully obtaining and sustaining funding for programs requires that organizations have effective and comprehensive plans for evaluating their efforts. We work with program designers, grant seekers, grant writers, and community stakeholders to develop comprehensive, cost-effective program evaluations that ensure that program results are measured and program objectives are achieved.

Strengthening Strategic Planning

Moreover, by working collaboratively with our clients, we contribute to organizations’ strategic planning. Our approach to evaluation helps organizations to establish realistic goals for their programs; to communicate their goals and objectives to both internal and external stakeholders; and ensure the effective, high-impact use of resources. By conducting evaluations that gather robust, objective, and accurate data that demonstrate programs’ effects, we help organizations to win and sustain funding for the work that they do. Our 20 years of experience has made us a respected and assured source of evaluation services among a wide-range of program funders

“I very much appreciate working with Brad. His insights and questions are extremely helpful in assisting us to design and conduct effective and accurate evaluations of our programs. Brad is more than an excellent evaluator. As a sociologist, he brings a range of experience and knowledge about the key issues pertinent to organizations. His experience with developmental evaluation is particularly helpful, because he is familiar with and comfortable working with programs as they occur in the real world, in real time. As you know, programs don’t happen in “laboratory conditions” so program evaluations need to be adaptive, flexible, and aware of programs’ real world context. Brad Rose Consulting utilizes a rigorous, yet realistic and flexible, approach to program evaluation. These characteristics are what distinguish Brad Rose Consulting from other evaluation firms that I’ve worked with.”
Jeff Diedrich
Director, Michigan Integrated Technology Supports

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