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Brad Rose Consulting designs cost effective, tailored data measurement and data collection strategies. We are careful to identify data that is specifically indicative of the changes that programs seek to make. (We also collect data that may show the unintended consequences of a program’s operation.) Sources of data can be surveys, questionnaires, participants’ pre- and post-tests, interviews, program records, focus groups, observations of program operation, etc.

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Quantitative Measures/Indicators

It is critical to ‘capture’ data that measure and demonstrate the actual changes (i.e., outcomes) that the program produces. We are especially sensitive to collecting the right data, and using the correct metrics, so that data analysis will yield meaningful insights into the program’s effects.

Too often, the word “data” is used indiscriminately, as if anything that can be readily counted or superficially observed may automatically be considered useful and indicative of change. Too often, however, what is reflexively considered “data” remains unexamined and isn’t implemented with the appropriate attention to the theoretical framework that will enable the data, once analyzed, to provide meaningful insights and knowledge.

Focus Groups, Participant Observations, Case Studies

Brad Rose Consulting collects only the appropriate data, data that will ultimately provide knowledge about the program and its’ effects. Moreover, we collect data in a variety of forms, so that we can “triangulate,” or corroborate, information and thereby, enhance the veracity and accuracy of evaluation findings.

By implementing a range of custom-designed data collection strategies (e.g., web surveys, individual interviews, document reviews, focus groups with program participants, interviews with experts in the field, etc.) we are able to collect, analyze, and interpret the meaning of data, and thereby help stakeholders both to understand their program’s achievements and to generate effective strategies to overcome any challenges their program may encounter.

“I very much appreciate working with Brad. His insights and questions are extremely helpful in assisting us to design and conduct effective and accurate evaluations of our programs. Brad is more than an excellent evaluator. As a sociologist, he brings a range of experience and knowledge about the key issues pertinent to organizations. His experience with developmental evaluation is particularly helpful, because he is familiar with and comfortable working with programs as they occur in the real world, in real time. As you know, programs don’t happen in “laboratory conditions” so program evaluations need to be adaptive, flexible, and aware of programs’ real world context. Brad Rose Consulting utilizes a rigorous, yet realistic and flexible, approach to program evaluation. These characteristics are what distinguish Brad Rose Consulting from other evaluation firms that I’ve worked with.”
Jeff Diedrich
Director, Michigan Integrated Technology Supports

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