Brad Rose Consulting conducts summative evaluations to indicate the ultimate worth, merit, and effects of a program.

For both summative and formative evaluations, we provide a detailed final report which contains our analysis of the effects (outcomes and longer-term impacts) produced by a program. Our clearly written reports offer accessible and easily comprehensible statistical analyses, rich qualitative insights, and constructive, data-based recommendations for future program improvement.

Programs exist to produce change. Program evaluation provides evidence of whether the desired changes have occurred in the targeted individuals, organizations, and/or communities. Ultimately, program evaluation is a means for determining whether valued change has happened, and whether the program or initiative is responsible for producing the desired change.

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Documenting Impacts and Ensuring Program Improvement

Summative evaluations, which are typically conducted at the end of a program, or program cycle, provide evidence that the desired changes occurred, and that these changes are the result of the operation of the program (vs. one or more extraneous causes.) Brad Rose Consulting designs and implements summative evaluations that answer questions such as, “Was the program ultimately successful?” “Is the program worth keeping?” “Should funding for the program be continued or curtailed?” “Should the program be expanded?”

By conducting evaluation activities that show the worth, value, and impact of a program, Brad Rose Consulting assists funders and other stakeholders to determine whether program investments have been worthwhile, and whether support for existing programs should be continued. We help funders and community stakeholders to interpret what are often complex data, so that they can make well-informed judgments about whether to sustain existing programs, or to redirect resources to alternative programs that might better serve the community.

“I very much appreciate working with Brad. His insights and questions are extremely helpful in assisting us to design and conduct effective and accurate evaluations of our programs. Brad is more than an excellent evaluator. As a sociologist, he brings a range of experience and knowledge about the key issues pertinent to organizations. His experience with developmental evaluation is particularly helpful, because he is familiar with and comfortable working with programs as they occur in the real world, in real time. As you know, programs don’t happen in “laboratory conditions” so program evaluations need to be adaptive, flexible, and aware of programs’ real world context. Brad Rose Consulting utilizes a rigorous, yet realistic and flexible, approach to program evaluation. These characteristics are what distinguish Brad Rose Consulting from other evaluation firms that I’ve worked with.”
Jeff Diedrich
Director, Michigan Integrated Technology Supports

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