New Roles for Community Service

Volunteers and the organizations they support are responsible for some of the most innovative, high-impact social programs. Understanding the true impact of these efforts is key as community service organizations are being asked to play an increasingly greater role in local change. Brad Rose Consulting has a wealth of experience consulting with community service organizations to help them build successful programs.

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Community Service Project Experience

City Year

Program Evaluation Consulting

Brad Rose Consulting worked with the national office of City Year to provide program evaluation expertise to City Year senior managers.

Massachusetts Campus Compact (MACC) and the Corporation for National and Community Service

MACC Learn and Serve Grant Program Summative Program Evaluation

For Massachusetts Campus Compact (MACC) and the Corporation for National and Community Service, we conducted a summative evaluation of MACC’s Learn and Serve grant program, a three-year grant program that supports campus/community partnerships and community-based research projects.


Hands On Network’s Citizen Action Program Evaluation

Working for AmeriCorps, we evaluated the national Hands On Network’s Citizen Action AmeriCorps Program to: determine the program’s effectiveness, identify critical lessons learned from the program’s implementation, and develop data-based recommendations for program enhancement/refinement.

Massachusetts Campus Compact

Vista Program Evaluation

We conducted an impact evaluation of Massachusetts Campus Compact’s VISTA program.

Indiana Campus Compac

Service Learning and Faculty Development Program Effectiveness Assessment

Brad Rose Consulting designed and delivered effectiveness assessment of Indiana Campus Compact’s Lilly Endowment-sponsored service learning and faculty development programs, that serve 30 Indiana College and University campuses.

Tufts University and the Nellie Mae Foundation

Massachusetts Campus Compact (MACC) Two-Year Program Evaluation

Brad Rose Consulting designed and conducted a a two-year, multi-site, cluster evaluation of Massachusetts Campus Compact college and university student-provided after-school tutoring programs in Massachusetts that serve educationally at-risk elementary students.

Massachusetts Service Alliance

Youth Mentoring Initiative Program Evaluation

The Massachusetts Service Alliance is one of the State’s largest not-for profit organizations. Brad Rose Consulting designed and conducted an evaluation of a 50-site, multi-year youth mentoring initiative funded by the Massachusetts state legislature and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Massachusetts Service Alliance

AmeriCorp Programs Evaluation

Brad Rose Consulting designed and delivered an outcome evaluation of the effectiveness of the operation of the Massachusetts Service Alliance’s 26 AmeriCorps programs, which operate throughout Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Campus Compact (MACC)

Think Tank Program Evaluation

Working for MACC, we performed a process evaluation of MACC’s Community Service Directors ‘Think Tank’, a two-year professional development initiative offered to 30 Community Service Directors from Massachusetts’ colleges and universities

New England Resource Center for Higher Education

Civic Engagement in Higher Education Program Evaluation

For the New England Resource Center for Higher Education, we conducted an evaluation of a national-scope faculty development project, “Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Faculty Professional Service and the Scholarship of Engagement.”

"The world of evaluation for the social sector has changed. Dr. Rose has become one of the leading thinkers for the transfer of knowledge as non-profits and social enterprises build the next generation of evaluation frameworks. He is particularly good at solving complex challenges that require team collaboration. His work has provided significant strategic advantage for us, as our fiscal operation grows beyond $45 million a year. He translates theory into practice so that organizations can act to build success. He is an asset for getting the job done!"
Dr. Andy Munoz
Vice President, City Year

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